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Avoid sick days with manual handling training courses

Manual handling courses are required by law, but they’re also essential protecting staff and saving business money. Getting staff to do their training online can be a great solution as it’s quick, easy and effective.

Any business wants to make the most profit with the least hassle, but this can be difficult to assess because some costs incurred don’t have an obvious monetary value. If a worker is off sick, for example, you are paying someone who isn’t there. Then there is the time wasted as colleagues try to cover tasks they aren’t familiar with. When you consider that a lot of sick days are avoidable, this seems madness: manual handling training can help prevent common musculoskeletal injuries and save your company money.

The recent Labour Force Survey from the Office of National Statistics has shown that 34.4 million working days were lost last year due to musculoskeletal disorders such as bad backs, and neck and shoulder pain. A lot of these injuries were caused by the incorrect handling of heavy objects, but with proper manual handling training this type of accident can be avoided.

As well as having the potential to save companies money, training in manual handling procedures is required by law. The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations (1999) state that employees must receive health and safety training, and must be trained specifically in how to handle heavy objects, whether lifting, lowering, pushing or pulling.

Accidents with heavy objects don’t just happen at work. Although training helps avoid injuries in the workplace, we often lift heavy objects at home. Suitcases, boxes and electrical equipment are all moved around from time to time and safety is essential. Providing manual handling training at work means employees are likely to be safer at home, which also benefits the business. Accidents at home lead to time off work just as often as those that happen in the workplace.

You might be worried that the training itself will take up valuable time, but this needn’t be the case if you choose an online health and safety course. As the materials are delivered over the internet (or via CD-ROM) they can be viewed from any computer, and employees work through them at their own pace. This is much more efficient than more conventional training methods, such as attending classes out of work or inviting a trainer to give a lecture. These require much more organisation, time and expense.

Proper manual handling is actually quite simple, with many accidents arising simply because people don’t think about what they’re doing before they do it. Courses teach the LITE system, which stands for Load, Individual, Task and Environment. These are the four things that need to be considered when lifting something. Load refers to the object itself, how heavy it is, what shape it is and so on; individual refers to your own abilities, health and strength; the task is what you want to do with the object; and the environment is the area the activity is taking place in.

To get proper training for your staff, protect their health and to save your company money, look into online courses today. Many companies will give you a free trial with no obligation to buy.

For online manual handling and other health and safety courses, look no further than iHasco. Their innovative interactive programs can be used from any computer, and you can try before you buy.

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Ensure your project is on time and on budget with utility survey

During the planning process of any building or excavation project, it’s important to undertake a utility mapping survey. Find out more in this handy article.

Utility Mapping
Utility mapping involves the detection, location and positioning of buried pipes and cables. It is essential that a utility survey is undertaken, as building companies can then determine the feasibility of working on the site.

Anyone wishing to develop or work on a particular site needs to obtain an accurate survey that outlines where everything is. Once the particular utilities have been identified and mapped, builders and developers should then discover who owns the site to avoid any legal wrangles.

Utility detection surveys can also minimise disruption to the public. If a builder were to burst a water pipe or an important electrical cable, this could cause serious problems for the entire community and cost the economy thousands of pounds. Expert utility surveyors can carry out a detailed, extensive survey, helping to keep your project on time and on budget.

Utility Surveying
When conducting a utility detection survey, specialist surveyor companies can provide a permanent record of all the utility mapping carried out. Top quality, colour coded survey drawings outline the detected utilities and key topographic features.

You can select either a national or local surveyor to conduct a utility mapping survey. However, it’s important to ensure you choose a well established business that provides high quality drawings. This will help site workers find their way around the area with ease.

Any utility marked on the ground surface should be accurately recorded using a range of Total Station surveying techniques. Depending on your needs and requirements and the nature of your project, the drawing can include additional details. Many clients often require fixed surface utility features, including inspection chambers, valve boxes and telegraph poles. Some people also find key topographic features such as fence lines, street furniture and kerb lines useful, along with geographical information, including house names and numbers, street and building names.

Once the appropriate information has been collated, the data is then referenced to an arbitrary grid and level datum. If requested, drawings can be supplied to a specific grid and level datum and/or overlaid on an existing topographic survey.

GPR Survey
GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) surveys are commonly used for utility mapping. The concept involves an electromagnetic pulse radar signal which is directed into the ground. GPR survey tools can be extremely powerful and ideal for utility detection when ground conditions are favourable. With uniform, sandy soils they can locate utilities and map the necessary features without risk of damaging them.

Ground penetrating radar techniques can also be used in archaeology, geology and environmental industries and are also useful for tasks such as concrete inspection, bridge and road condition assessments.

Utility mapping surveys are perfect for building companies who need to undertake excavation works.

SUMO Services are a multi-disciplinary survey business committed to maintain the highest possible standards in all aspects of surveying. Visit their website and order your appropriate survey today.

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Measured Building Surveying: Laser Surveying, Floor Plans and In

A measured building survey provides property owners with a detailed, technical breakdown of their property. It can incorporate technical details drawn from laser scanning surveying and floor plans, as well as internal photographs to aid visual interpretation.

A measured building survey is a detailed plan, outlining the various features and dimensions of a property. By working alongside a measured building surveyor, a property owner will be able to better manage their assets. There are a number of techniques and forms of survey which can be incorporated into a measured building survey, including laser scanning surveying, 3D modelling, floor plans, and internal photo imaging.

Laser Scanning Surveying and 3D Modelling

Laser surveying uses beams of infrared light to generate a 3D model (or “point cloud”) of a given object, building or area. The laser surveying equipment collects data on thousands of individual points and uses them to generate the model.

The model can be used to generate some of the recognisable elements of a measured building survey; floor plans and the like. The model is also a great tool when putting together presentations or other displays. If development of a site is being considered, then point cloud can be used to generate a “fly through” of the area as it currently is.

Laser scanning surveying is carried out quickly and remotely. In many cases, the measured building surveyor may need access to the site only once, so the survey can be conducted with the minimum of intrusion. It also means that hazardous areas can be surveyed remotely – particularly useful if, for example, the property owner is considering the redevelopment of a decaying building.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are the element of a measured building survey with which property owners are most likely to be familiar. They offer a detailed breakdown of the dimensions of the property, along with important structural features such as doorways, windows and stairs. Additional features can be incorporated if the client wishes (e.g. radiators, power outlets, lights, switches).

Internal Photo Imaging

Whilst technical detail is vital to understanding a property, it can help to have a visual aid. Internal photo imaging can help clients make sense of all the technical detail that is being thrown at them and to better interpret what it all means in practice. In addition to providing a strong visual record of an existing site, it can also be used where a client site visit is not possible, for whatever reason.

Some measured building surveyors will provide a set of full colour photographs. Increasingly, however, the digital revolution has driven the move towards 360 displays. Here, a number of high definition photographs are taken of the chosen area and then collated into a single, 360 diorama. This image is hosted online and can be accessed by the client via a surveyor-supplied hyperlink. Digital tools allow the client to rotate the image through 360° and zoom in on particular areas if they wish.

The SUMO Group operates a network of 30 survey teams around the UK. They are able to produce a full measured building survey to your specifications. Contact them today or visit their website for a full breakdown of their services.

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Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click: Your New Marketing

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, it’s easy to find your business lagging behind the competitors with a neglected website which adds little revenue. But it’s never too late to begin online marketing for your business, and there’s no time like the present.

2012’s new marketing techniques:

Local and national newspaper circulations are declining and TV and radio adverts are often too expensive. Fortunately, there is now a new way to increase awareness of your business and expand your customer base.

You don’t have to be an online business to make the most of online marketing. Your business – no matter how small and how local your customers –can benefit from the new techniques on offer from online marketing companies.

Local businesses can feel like a very small fish in a very big pond online. Thanks to Google’s location search, you don’t have to be in competition with the sharks. A professional search engine optimisation agency can improve your website’s prominence with local people, or people searching in the local area.
Whether you have an existing marketing department or you’re a one man band looking to promote your business effectively and affordably, don’t overlook the importance of these online techniques:

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation helps search engines like Google work out what your business is associated with. Keywords related to your business (such as “emergency plumber in Shropshire”, “hairdresser in Birmingham”, or “cheap shoes”) will be researched and focused on, and the aim is to increase your website’s prominence in the search engine results pages for these particular terms. The higher up your website, the more visitors you are going to receive from that search engine. Think of your own searching techniques, for example. Whatever your search term, you are unlikely to venture past page one, and most likely to click on one of the top results.

PPC and Google AdWords

While search engine optimisation could be compared to your business being featured in a story in the press, pay per click (PPC) marketing is the modern equivalent of a paid-for newspaper advert. PPC advertisements are paid adverts which show alongside search engine results, and you may have noticed Google’s PPC AdWords ads on the right hand side of the results page.

How are SEO and PPC Marketing Achieved?

Each search engine optimisation company uses different techniques to boost online visibility, so speak to potential agencies about their methods. Their work will generally involve writing and distributing online articles and press releases, and creating page content and blog posts for your website, all using the relevant keywords which people are searching for.

PPC like Google AdWords is also targeted to particular keywords, but with these you pay for each click your advert receives. The ads must be intelligently targeted to result in conversions – either sales, bookings or enquiries on your website - or you risk paying for clicks which offer little or no return on investment. Fortunately, PPC professionals can manage your account for you and help your business generate sales. These could be online sales, if you have an online store, or offline, such as a booking or enquiry about your services or products in your shop or business.

Hiring the Professionals

Search engine optimisation and PPC Google AdWords can generate a lot of business, yet require time and expertise to be profitable. It is therefore important to hire an experienced agency rather than attempting the complex techniques yourself. You may not require both of these services, and a discussion can help assess which techniques are right for your business and budget. Search engine optimisation is tailored to each business, and offers infinite potential to attract customers and clients to your business.

KPI Business Services offer a range of search engine optimisation and PPC services, as well as website design and social media management. If you need help or advice on any of these areas, speak to one of their experts today. Or to learn more about search engine optimisation.

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Push yourself to the limit with a Help for Heroes charity challe

Looking for your next charity event? Why not push yourself with an unforgettable Help for Heroes challenge and support our sick, wounded and injured service personnel.

Help for Heroes is one of the UK’s most famous service charities. The support for service personnel they offer who are sick, wounded or injured in the service of our country is invaluable during their recovery processes. Help for Heroes’ Headley Court Rehabilitation Complex, Personal Recovery Centres and donations to mental health service charities offer unique support for service personnel, giving our boys and girls the best possible tools on their road to recovery.

Help for Heroes fund their projects in a number of ways. Private donations, fundraising events, merchandise and sporting challenges have led Help for Heroes to raising a phenomneal £100million in just over three years.

If you want to push yourself mentally and physically, and achieve something you’d never thought possible, raise money for Help for Heroes with one of the service charity’s challenges. You will need to be strong enough to dedicate yourself to fundraising and training, keeping our wounded servicemen and women in mind when times get tough, but the rewards are obvious. You can raise hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of pounds to help our boys and girls while achieving an unforgettable feat and experiencing the far-flung corners of the world.

Help for Heroes’ fundraising challenges include bike rides, marathons and runs, treks and rafting, across the world and in the UK. Taking part in one of these challenging events takes strength and determination, but they are a fun and exciting way to raise money for Help for Heroes and show your support for our service personnel.

Whether you want to cycle 600km through mountain ranges in Mexico, trek to Africa’s highest point on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, run the British 10k London Run through the heart of our capital or trek and raft your way through the jungles of Costa Rica, there will be a Help for Heroes challenge for you. Enjoy the sense of pride and achievement in completing a challenge after months of training, and raise a considerable amount of money for the service charity in the process.

The Help for Heroes website lists the details about upcoming challenges, including their dates, locations and fundraising targets. There are a huge number of challenges arranged by the charity with places available, but if nothing appeals to you consider helping service charities such as Help for Heroes with an open challenge. Open challenges allow you to raise money for Help for Heroes through an independent challenge organiser. Perhaps you want to experience dog sledding, a horse trek, a trek through the Saharan plains or a fun ‘Superhero run’ in fancy dress costume. Open challenges allow you to raise money for Help for Heroes in a way which suits you.

Whichever challenges appeal to you, there is sure to be a way for you to raise money for Help for Heroes. Those wounded in service suffer extreme physical and mental challenges for our country - this is your opportunity to support our wounded heroes.

Help for Heroes have an online merchandise store which sells items such as their iconic wrist bands and hoodies, other clothing, jewellery and accessories, and donations bags for injured service personnel. Show your support for those participating in a Help for Heroes challenge or raise awareness of the charity by purchasing Help for Heroes clothing or accessories online.

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